PLEASE HELP US FIND AVA Lost: Aurora, IL in 2012 Phone(331)444-2282

Two pics of Ava


Black, Grey, Tan and White

Female, Ava, 35lbs

Long, Bushy Tail, Floppy Ears

NOT Microchipped, Very shy will run if approached. Likes other dogs.

NOTE: She may be much lighter and look different than the pictures.

6/29/2014 Update:  Still searching for Ava. No recent sighting calls. Hoping someone has possibly taken her in, but possible she has fled the Aurora area. Last area worked was north of Aurora along river, near South Elgin.  She possibly went west or east along Interstate 88 or south past Montgomery?  Hope to get some more extended search flyers up shortly, just in case someone recognizes her.

10/30/12  UPDATE:  AVA HAS NOT BEEN FOUND YET.  Although, there has been several sightings in the past six weeks, it has been quiet for about four weeks. Two groups of recent sightings: one near Stearns/25 in South Elgin and a few weeks before sightings near 59/North Aurora Rd.  She could be anywhere in October though, so please keep your eyes open….especially during early AM and night time hours.  Some additional sightings near 59/Aurora Rd recently.


This site is dedicated to finding the lost dog Ava, who was lost in Aurora Illinois on Nov 19th, 2011. She has been on the run ever since and sighted in surrounding cities/counties.

Spring Sightings have been in East and West Warrenville, North Aurora and Batavia.

HAVE  YOU SEEN AVA ANYTIME RECENTLY OR EVEN MONTHS AGO? We would like to hear from you whether it was today you saw her or several months previous.

If you believe you have seen Ava, please email or call us and leave  as many details about the sighting as you can remember:

  1. -Location, be specific and direction of dogs travel.

  2. -Date and time.

  3. -Distinguishing marks or characteristics.

  4. - Conditions at sighting, and distance you were from her.

  5. - Describe area, traffic and what she may have been doing there.

  6. - Possibility it was a coyote you saw?

Please Contact us at:

Phone: (331)444-2282

We will return your call or email promptly.

She may be anywhere within the greater Aurora area, and possibly within 50 miles.